“Venugana Loluni Gana” – Rendu Kutumbala Katha (1970) – Telugu Feature Film

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A protege of C R Subburaman & Galipenchala, composer Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao’s stand-out track “Venugana Loluni Gana” – a melodic yearning, is a pristine monsoonic variant of classical Raga “Desh” (aka Des in Hindustani) rendered by P Susheela with expressions of  romantic zing. Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, has recurrently used “Desh” Raga in his Brahmo devotional hymns and  quasi-concupiscent compositions (Rabindra Sangeet). Vande Mataram, the national song of India, is the most notable.  Compositions like “Guni Gaavat Raagini”, “Kanha Madhur Bana” are some of the popular classical compositions in Des.

Lyrics: Poet Dasaradhi
 venugaana loluni gana veyi kanulu chalavule
sarasaraga madhurilo sakala jagamu
solunulechinnanadu gopemmala chittamulalarinchi
mannu tinna aanotane minnulanni chupinchi
kaleeyuni padagalapai leelaga natiyinchi
suralu narulu murisipova dharani nelu gopaluni
athani pedavi sokinantha amruthamu kurisenu
athani cheyi takinanta bratuke virisenu
sundara yamuna thatilo brundavana seemalalo
kalasi melasi alasi solasi valapu telupu velalalo
వేణు గణ లోలుని గణ వేయి కణాలు చాలావులే
సరసరాగా మధురైలో సకల జగము సోలునులే
చిన్ననాడు గోపెమ్మలా చిత్తములలరించి
మన్ను తిన్న ఆనోటనే మిన్నులన్నీ చూపించి
కాళీయుని పడగలపై లీలగా నటియించి
సురలు నరులు మురిసిపోవా ధరణి నెల గోపాలుని
అతని పెదవి సోకినంత అమృతము కురిసేను .
అతని చేయి తాకినంత బ్రతుకే విరిసెను
సుందర యమునా తాటితో బృందావన సీమాలలో
కలసి మెలసి అలసి సొలసి వలపు తెలుపు వేళలలో
వేణు గణ లోలుని గణ వేయి కణాలు చాలావులే
సరసరాగా మధురైలో సకల జగము సోలునులే

A metaphysical ballad that seem to set the template for the 70’s love anthem, the song sequence encapsulates – poetic imagery, the stilted interactions between two people (actress Vijayanirmala & debonair  Krishna) who seem to want very different things out of each other into a series of vivid and theatrically emotional redolent images.

The uncomplicated strings! That silky vocals! That crescendo! Nobody does longing and throe like Susheela. Her ambrosial vocal grace and sublime expressions are just unfathomable – senza nube e senza vel – unclouded & unveiled. Susheela’s recording career spanned several different eras of celebrated music, and yet her repertoire remains remarkably appealing in its everlastingness.

A melodic tale of dedication, Susheela’s enormous power of interpretation (libretto portraying Lord Krishna in various perspectives) and technique, the richness in harmonics, the complexity in her voice is such, that one tone sung by her can change the tint and the texture within its value and amplitude – “sarasa raga maadhurilo sakala jagamu solunule”,  accomodates the phrasing  in “vinnulanni choopinchi” and gives this aria a complete sense of musicality, recapturing the organization of the orchestra. In “sundara yamuna thatilo”– Susheela’s multi-layered vocals showed an distinctive ability to sing coloratura,  possessed an hard-wired sense of architectural proportion and an supranormal feel for timing – quite dynamic & moving. She poured her heart out and gives listeners an outpouring of uncontainable love with lines like “athani pedavi sokinantha”, athani cheyi takinanta”, “veyi kanulu chalavule”.
With its plaintive declaration of infatuation, do your best to listen with fresh ears, and you may unearth the raga’s charm all over again that becomes addictive…state of euphoria!

4 thoughts on ““Venugana Loluni Gana” – Rendu Kutumbala Katha (1970) – Telugu Feature Film

  1. First of all thank you very much for an excellent effort. It is a lovely song and I stumbled on it and enjoyed it.

    If I may make a suggestion – please correct the mistakes in the lyrics (TeLugu lips). I can do it for you if you want but I am sure you can also attend to it.


    Liked by 1 person

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