“Kanna Notadhalli” – Sipayi Ramu (1972) – Kannada Feature Film

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Sipayi Ramu (ಸಿಪಾಯಿ ರಾಮು) is a 1972  Kannada language film directed by Y. R. Swamy starring Rajkumar, Leelavathi, Aarathi in lead roles. The supporting cast includes K. S. Ashwath, Shivaram, Vajramuni and Thoogudeepa Srinivas.  Upendra Kumar composed the musical score for the film. It won the Third Best Film category in the 1972 Karnataka State Film Awards including the “Best Actress” title for Leelavathi.

It was based on the novel  “Barale Innu Yamune” by the famous Kannada female literary figure, Nuggehalli Pankaja. Her notable works include: Ushanishi, Malayamaruta, Mugilaminchu, Balli-Moggu, Goodu Bitta Hakki, Teli Banda Bandhana, Ondu Sandya Baruvale, Salome & Mother Tree.

Upendra Kumar had scored for 210 films including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya and Tulu languages.  His orchestral compositions were based on Hindustani Raga “Kafi That” and was widely known to have embraced the multi-stringed instruments Sitar & Mandolin for his scores. “Kanna Notadhalli” showcases his broad spectrum of musical influences & penchant for snide-funky rhythms.

Musically jaunty and lyrically wry (lyrical phrases ending in different vernacular-Hindi), Susheela’s rendition enraptures us with an off-kilter quirkiness bordering on distinction.  The orchestration seesaws between conventional percussion (accordion & strings) and innovative harmonies.  The songs packs its punch with lilting vocals, fantastic lyrics & upbeat rhythm.

A happy & sweet sounding cadence from the legendary Susheela……

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