“Manasuna Reghetheepi” – Kalyana Ramudu (1979) – Telugu Feature Film

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“Kalyana Ramudu” (1979) is the dubbed version of the Tamil blockbuster “Kalyanaraman” starring Sridevi & Kamal Haasan. This film was heavily inspired by Arthur Sheekman’s short story titled “Wonder Man” (1945), later produced by Samuel Goldwyn starring Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo & Sundaram Balachander’s (S Balachander) “Idhu Nijama” (1948). For theĀ  Telugu version Ilayaraaja & C Sathyam composed the musical score.

Kalyanam (Kamal Haasan) is the naive and infantile son of a rich estate owner and he is in love with Shenbagam (Sridevi), an ordinary estate worker. The estate managerĀ  and his cohorts covertly plot to kill the estate owner and usurp the property from Kalyanam. The estate owner is murdered but before his death reveals to Kalyanam that he has a twin elder brother who lives with his mother in Madras. The manager and his henchmen befool Kalyanam and loot the estate with ease but eventually murder him by throwing him off a cliff when he discovers their cruel intentions. Shenbagam who witnesses the murder turns mentally unstable. However Kalyanam is not finished entirely as his spectre contacts the twin brother Raman (the elder Kamal Haasan) and the rest of the story revolves around how they together seek to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Ilayaraaja and P Susheela collaborate again for a gorgeous orchestral solo. Its one of the album’s standout tracks. Rendered by one of the comforting voices of our times, she croons tentatively ever a splendidly syrupy bohemian. One cannot but observe the breeziness, the exhilarating/breathless rendition & her close consociation with the tune. Ilayaraaja’s loping bass-woodwind, guitar lines, pounding rhythm offers subtler thrills – a moment worth reveling in the soundscape. Susheela’s vocals (tremulous delivery) for actress Sridevi are undeniably pretty and elevates the song to new heavens.

Hooked from the first listen with its hummable riffs and melodic groove, this rendition by the southern nightingale is infectious. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed!

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