“Anbil Aadudhe Inbam” – Magale Un Samathu (1964) – Tamil Feature Film

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“Anbil Aadudhe Inbam” (அன்பில் ஆடுதே இன்பம் ) – “Magale Un Samathu” – மகளே உன் சமத்து (1964) – Voice/குரல்  – P Susheela/P B Srinivos (பி சுஷீலா/பி பி ஸ்ரீனிவோஸ்) – Composer: Gurajada Krishnadas Venkatesh (GKV) – குராஜாடா கிருஷ்ணதாஸ் வெங்கடேஷ்  
A 1964 production starring C L Anandan, Rajashri, Gemini Chandra & M R Radha, the movie was unsuccessful at the Box-office. Two songs tuned by the prodigious composer G K Venkatesh (GKV) deserve our assiduities – “Kadhai Ondru Naan Sollava” (P Susheela) & “Anbil Aadudhe Inbam” (P Susheela & P B Srinivos).

The featured song (pictured on C L Anandan & Rajashri) unveils the orchestral adroitness of the tunesmith. A compulsive perfectionist, the score eventually became one of the era’s defining recordings. GKV was also an early proponent of what became known much later as “Rennaisance Stream” music, which blended elements of western classical forms and traditions. His music influenced other session musicians, notably Ilayaraaja (serving as his apprentice who later morphed into a compelling melodist). GKV took himself seriously as an artist, and valued experimental and innovative music rather than generic dance and love songs – analogous of that era.

He fused classical music with carnatic system by adding strings to his arrangements, experimented with  novel sounds, such as harpsichords. For this composition, GKV drew a wider tonal palette from P Susheela – which he then used to his advantage as an instrumentalist (a Veena player), allowing him to focus on the musical textures and subtleties. What emerged was an an enchanting “Melisma” from the Duo!

The drama and emotion felt in this song configuration is extremely moving. P Susheela  is a breath of fresh air – what a pulchritudinous tone quality and a breathtaking coloratura. The diva simply makes child’s play with the lyrical phrases “vaazhvil uravaadum kaaviyame” & “ullasa thendral ododi vandhu solladha kadhai ondru solludhe”, interpolating many high c’s and trills. Susheela is the supreme vocal virtuoso. P B Srinivos is at his absolute best here, never have I heard him in better voice, what a talent he is – the grain of his voice lovely – “nilavin thunaiyodu selludhe” & paruvam thannile malarum nenjile uruvagum inimaigal uyirin kanavile”, and his involvement with the character undiminished. With minimal vocal pyrotechnics, hearing Susheela & Srinivos nail their arias is simply an inspiration.

As predictable Susheela’s extensions are simply “supernal” – secure in technique, melting in tone & delicately shaded. Her vocals soars like the “spread eagle” – breezes through the score focused .

 Brava Susheela….A Voice Nonpareil

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