“Anandha Raagam” – Madhura Geetham (1981) – Telugu Feature Film

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Panneer Pushpangal (Fragrant Flowers) is a 1981 Tamil film directed by Bharathi-Vasu about a high school romance set in a hills station school located in Ooty. The movie carries an original plot and is not a remake of “A Little Romance” as alleged earlier.  The movie was dubbed in Telugu as “Madhura Geetham” & in Malayalam as “Panneer Pookal”

“Anandha Raagam” – One of the finest masterpieces of Ilayaraja from the movie “Madhura Geetham” (Paneer Pushpangal 1981 -Telugu Dubbed) sung by Gana Saraswathi P Susheela. A “blue-chip” rendition by P Susheelaji for Ilayaraja with her unsurpassed vocal timbre! The original version with the same title was sung by Uma Ramanan for the Tamil Feature. Uma Ramanan’s (who possessed much better vocal chords than her contemporaries) reign and her repertoire in Tamil Cine Domain is too undersized to make a pronouncement or remark upon. However, the contradistinction between the renditions of a Legend & a Nonprofessional is quite conspicuous. The reference here is about the “marked polarity of tone” in this rendition, one “subdued” (UR) and the other “stately” & “enlightening” (PS). At least in the Telugu Flick Ilayaraja was “judicious” enough in leaning towards the Legend……


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